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Welcome to the Home of USA Softball of Rhode Island

Welcome to the the website for USA Softball of Rhode Island. We are the only Softball organization in the state Rhode Island affiliated with the national governing body of Softball: USA Softball.    

2024 Rhode Island Approved Teams - updated in real time

View all 2024 RI Registered & Approved Travel Teams here.

Roster Reminders

ALL rosters must be signed by a JO Commissioner, Head Coach, and parents (for athletes under age 18). Signed rosters are REQUIRED for tournament play in all states. Please print your roster from your RegisterUSA account, complete, and email to Maria or Zeena for signature. Please allow 24-72 hours to review, sign, and approve your roster once it has been received.  

BCI/SafeSport Requirement Reminders

All coaches/managers/score-keepers in dugout are REQUIRED by USA Softball to have passed a BCI and SafeSport. Adults not in compliance cannot participate in team activities, including practices or games. Please reach out with questions regarding these requirements as they have not changed. 

Game cancellations/delays

Update 10:30am 7/13/24 - All  Games at Winslow Park for the Diamond Duel Tournament are cancelled Saturday 7/13/2024.  

All 8 and 9:45 games for the Bombers Elite Showcase 7/13 cancelled. all other games or currently on as scheduled

East Bay "All the Rage" and "Mid Summer Classic" games are cancelled Saturday 7/13/2024.


To avoid having to pay a half fee to the umpire assigned, he/she must be notified a minimum of 90 minutes before the game is scheduled to begin.

Procedure to follow should a game that you have scheduled have to be cancelled or re-scheduled. Again this is just for games that you have scheduled, NOT for games that someone else has scheduled:

1) Contact the assigned umpire by scrolling down below this message to the officials game assignment tab

2) Press the link below for the officials game schedule and select your game       

3) If the game you are cancelling is not the "day of", use drop down box to choose the correct date, you can also use the drop down boxes  for complex and Organization to avoid having to scroll through all games assigned on that date

4) To the far right of your game listing, click on "details". There you will find the umpire that is assigned to your game contact information

5) Call his/her cell phone, if you get no response leave a voicemail message and ask them to confirm they got the message then call his/her assigner, whose contact information is listed directly under the umpire's contact information, if again you get no response, leave a voicemail message and ask them to confirm they got the message. 

6)  Call Dan Lacorbinere @ 401 486-9964, if you get no response, leave a voicemail message telling him what games have been cancelled or rescheduled.

7) Should the game being cancelled be part of an inter league schedule, notify the opposing team and also the person that is responsible for making and maintaining the schedule for the league/leagues. 

Officials game assignments

Link to the Officials game assignments.

Youth Complex Schedule

Game schedule by complex


USA Softball of RI has adopted a zero tolerance policy. Should a coach manage to get his or herself ejected from a tournament game, the ejected coach cannot coach for the remainder of the tournament. The coach must leave the field immediately, and is relegated to being a spectator from the parking lot/outside of the complex for the remainder of his/hers team's games in the tournament.. Failure to comply will result in the team being forfeited out of the tournament.  It is the coaches responsibility to control the fans associated with his/her team, should they become unruly. The umpire, U.I.C; or the tournament director will ask the head coach to speak to the fans, if they remain unruly, the game will be declared a forfeit.      

Note:  Any coach of a RI team that has been ejected from one game, and is subsequently ejected for a second time will be suspended for the remainder of the season and will face a disciplinary hearing that could result in further discipline, up to and including, a permanent suspension from USA Softball  

Coaches of teams registered with USA Softball of RI will face the same penalties should they be ejected from an out of state USA Softball sanctioned tournament, and the ejection is subsequently reported to USA Softball of RI by a tournament director or state commissioner


Should a parent get ejected from a game they must leave the field, and will not be allowed at the next game. If this is the team's last game of the tournament the suspension will carry over to the next tournament.

Note:  Any parent of a RI team that has been ejected from one game, and is subsequently ejected for a second time will be suspended for the remainder of the season and will face a disciplinary hearing that could result in further discipline, up to and including, a permanent suspension from USA Softball  

2023-2024 Registrations

Registrations for the '23-'24 Season have transitioned to RegisterUSASoftball.  Being that this is a new process for both Travel and Recreation Organizations, we will have plenty of  support to help with this transition. 

Registration cost for the '24 season WILL NOT increase. $20 players, $22 non-players are the fees. Invoicing on RegisterUSA reflects these fees.

ALL Coaches MUST complete a BCI & SafeSport per USA Softball requirements. ACE should be completed by ONE coach on staff. IF Coaches are not in compliance, they cannot be approved in the system and are NOT allowed to coach until the process is complete. 

ALL LEAGUES & TEAMS will need to complete registrations through this system. There are NO offline registrations moving forward. PLEASE begin this process so your team will be ready for practices & competition. The new season begins Friday, September 1st.  Insurance for the '23 season ends Thursday, August 31. 

Your team WILL NOT be allowed to play in any game/tournament unless registered and insured as you will not be able to print an insurance certificate.  Please reach out if you need assistance with this process. The documents linked below are very helpful. 

 Questions can always be sent to your JO staff. We are happy to help you!

Here are some documents to help get you started:

Travel Teams  - How to Register a Team

Recreation Leagues - How to Register a League

Recreation Leagues - How to Request Additional Insured Certificates

**IF you have added the role of Team or League Administrator to your profile and receive a message that your role must be approved before you can proceed, please email or text Maria Morin so this can be approved quickly for you. Once approved, you will be able to enter all of your team or league information.




Junior Olympic (YOUTH) Age Qualifications (AS OF 9/1/2023)

A player’s age as of August 31 determines the age in which the player is eligible to play the following year.

10-Under Age Classification. A player whose 11th birthday is prior to September 1, 2023, is INELIGIBLE.

12-Under Age Classification. A player whose 13th birthday is prior to September 1, 2023, is INELIGIBLE.

14-Under Age Classification. A player whose 15th birthday is prior to September 1, 2023, is INELIGIBLE.

16-Under Age Classification. A player whose 17th birthday is prior to September 1, 2023, is INELIGIBLE.

18-Under Age Classification. A player whose 19th birthday is prior to September 1, 2023, is INELIGIBLE.

Comments: Matches eligibility age to new registration date of September 1 in Junior Olympic.





USA Softball RI Social Media:

1) Facebook: search USA Softball of RI 


3) Instagram: @USA_Softball_RI

4) Youtube Channel: USA Softball of Rhode Island  

Social Media Contact:

If you need something posted on our Social Media platforms please email Dan LaCorbiniere by hitting the email icon below. To preview our social media pages click on the appropriate icons above

ACE Certification

Link to Register for ACE Certification

SafeSport Training

Link to SafeSport Training

Beverly Wiley

Rhode Island State Commissioner

Phone: 401-753-0056

Dan LaCorbiniere

Dan LaCorbiniere

Rhode Island UIC

Phone: 401-486-9964

Maria Morin

Rhode Island JO Commissioner

Phone: 401-258-6806

Jim Troiano

RI Player Representative

Phone: 774-266-3189

Zeena Barbarita

Rhode Island Deputy JO Commissioner

Phone: 401-499-1029


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