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USA Softball Rhode Island Fall League Opening Day


Welcome to the Home of USA Softball of Rhode Island

Welcome to the the website for USA Softball of Rhode Island. We are the only Softball organization in the state Rhode Island and Providence Plantations affiliated with the national governing body of Softball: USA Softball.    In 2020 Softball will return as a sport in the the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.  The Women's National Team the United States will be comprised 100%  of USA Softball players! #JourneyToJapan  



A number of Tournaments in July and August have been restored on the tournament website, There will be a number of others put up by this Wednesday. Tournament directors have been given the guidelines that need to be followed in phase III, they will be passing on this information to teams that enter.  


USA Softball of RI’s Fall league in the “open” division, originally set to begin on 8/31, will be moved up to begin July, 12th pending what will be allowed in phase III in R.I.
Games in this league normally take place on Sundays, but will be spread out to include Tuesday’s, and Wednesday’s also if the interest is there. Teams can sign up via the tournament website,
Teams need to indicate the following in the comment section when signing up:

1) which weekday/weeknight you wish to play

2) do you have a field and a permit

3) does the field have lights, and what is the curfew

4) indicate how many games, (1 or 2) you wish to play during the week

5) indicate which Sundays your team can play doubleheaders

Whether or not this league begins play on July 12th solely depends on what is allowed in phase III in R.I. That being said, teams that are interested need to begin signing up now. This league will be scheduled to play through the Fall.


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COVID - 19  6/8/2020

The guide below are suggestions of recommended practices for restarting practices. State/Metro associations, Recreational Leagues, Staff,  Athletes, Coaches, Parents, and Spectators should continue to follow CDC, Federal, State and Local governmental guidelines 


       Of Rhode Island

2020 Back to the Ballpark Guidelines (PRACTICES)

The following are MINIMUM guidelines & Recommendations. The purpose of this information is to provide as best as possible, a safe environment at the ballpark and to comply with local government mandates.


  1. Before scheduling a practice, please check with your league and city/town to determine whether fields are open for use
  2. Should fields be opened, check to see if your city/town have their own restrictions that need to be followed
  3. Before scheduling a practice make sure that all coaches and parents read these guidelines, and sign the USA Softball waiver form
  4. Parents need to drop players off, then either stay in their vehicles, or stay at least 20 feet from the playing field keeping a six feet distance from one another.
  5. Anyone who is sick or is showing COVID-19 symptoms should stay home and not return to practice until they are symptom free for 3 days or have been tested and have a negative result. Individuals, including coaches, players, and families, who have recently had a close contact with a person with COVID-19 should also stay home and monitor their health.
  6. Coaches and players need to have hand sanitizer with them to use before and after practice
  7. Players need to bring their own drinks, no team coolers are allowed
  8. If bathrooms are open, they need to be sanitized before and after each practice.
  9. Face coverings: Coaches are required to wear a face covering in accordance with RIDOH regulations. Youth participants are encouraged to wear face coverings when not engaged in active play. While engaged in active play of sports or strenuous activities, youth participants do not need to wear a face covering. However, youth participants should be encouraged to wear face masks at all other times. Face coverings shall not be required of those who are unable to comply for health or developmental reasons, including young children who may not be able to effectively wear a mask.
  10. A total of 15 people PER GROUP are currently allowed to congregate.  That is a combined total of players and coaches. Group members must stay in the same stable group and must not move from one group to another. Space between stable groups is required to be a minimum of 14 feet.
  11. Most fields have fences, fence posts are normally 6 ft apart, with that said, half the players on one side of the field, half on the other side. Coaches needs to direct players where to go to as they arrive
  12. Players need to place their equipment at these stations (fence posts) on the outside of the fence
  13. There will be no shared equipment
  14. If more than one field at your facility is being used, space out player arrivals and departures by 15 minutes, (5:45-6:00-6:15)
  15.  Softballs, and any other equipment, such as tees, need to be sanitized before and after use
  16. If dugouts are used, they need to be sanitized at the completion of practice
  17. Coaches and players need to leave the field immediately following practice, do not congregate with players and their parents.


DISCLAIMER: Participants, parents, family, and spectators engaging in softball and activities related to softball do so with knowledge of the risk and potential exposure involved, and agree to accept any and all inherent risks to their personal health.


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