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Welcome to the Home of USA Softball of Rhode Island

Welcome to the the website for USA Softball of Rhode Island. We are the only Softball organization in the state Rhode Island and Providence Plantations affiliated with the national governing body of Softball: USA Softball.    In 2021 Softball will return as a sport in the the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.  The Women's National Team the United States will be comprised 100%  of USA Softball players! #JourneyToJapan  

Game Cancellations and Delays

USA of RI FallBall

Posted 10/17/2021 at 7:10 AM

Because of delays on fields FallBall games may not have an umpire.  Please officiate the games yourselves if necessary.

Brayton Park     All games will start with a 1 hour delay

Winslow Park

       Field 1,2,3 will start with a 2 hour delay

       Field 4 is cancelled

Waves Tourney    Posted 10/17/2021 at7:00 AM 

All Games at Lineham will start with a 30 minute delay

All games at Amby Smith will start with a 1 hour delay

All games at Riverpoint will start at their scheduled start time


To avoid having to pay a half fee to the umpire assigned, he/she must be notified a minimum of 90 minutes before the game is scheduled to begin.

Procedure to follow should a game that you have scheduled have to be cancelled or re-scheduled. Again this is just for games that you have scheduled, NOT for games that someone else has scheduled:

1) Contact the assigned umpire by scrolling down below this message to the officials game assignment tab

2) Press the link below for the officials game schedule and select your game       

3) If the game you are cancelling is not the "day of", use drop down box to choose the correct date, you can also use the drop down boxes  for complex and Organization to avoid having to scroll through all games assigned on that date

4) To the far right of your game listing, click on "details". There you will find the umpire that is assigned to your game contact information

5) Call his/her cell phone, if you get no response leave a voicemail message and ask them to confirm they got the message then call his/her assigner, whose contact information is listed directly under the umpire's contact information, if again you get no response, leave a voicemail message and ask them to confirm they got the message. 

6)  Call Sue Johnson @ 401-954-5302, if you get no response, leave a voicemail message telling her what games have been cancelled or rescheduled.

Officials game assignments

Link to the Officials game assignments.

COVID-19 Information Updated 5/7/21

Current Covid-19 Sports Guidelines

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Summary of Current Requirements

Summerary of Current Requirements RI Youth and Amateur Sports

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are Heat Related Injuries And How To Avoid

Youth Complex Schedule

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Umpire Assignments

Schedule of games for Umpires

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Beverly Wiley

Rhode Island State Commissioner

Phone: 401-753-0056

Dan LaCorbiniere

Dan LaCorbiniere

RI Player Representative

Phone: 401-486-9964

Dave Ethier

Junior Olympic (Youth) Commissioner

Phone: 401-465-1220

Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson

State Umpire In Chief

Phone: 401-954-5302


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